Orders will be mailed in late March due to some inventory delays <3



Mame Beach is a little engagement run by just one Lyn, or some people identify me as Mametchi.

I do my best to create cute little physical goods of my characters like charms and stationery, just making things that I love. I hope you'll be able to enjoy them just as much as I do.

Note: Mame Beach products come from a home with a cat. Please buy with caution if you have cat allergies...!



Where do you ship?

Mame Beach can ship anywhere...!

How long does it take to ship?

I mail in the first week of the next month.
I produce merch, stream, and run my Patreon full-time so I cannot mail constantly anymore. It's just me packing the orders, making the trips to the post office, and mailing them by myself, so if you buy from my store please understand you're agreeing to these terms that I mail on the first week of the next month after purchase.

After being shipped, it can take 1-3 weeks to arrive. International orders (outside of North America) may take a bit longer.

How do I track my order?

If you paid for tracking at checkout, you will get your tracking number in your email when your order is shipped. Please note the tracking number can take a couple days to update after being shipped. The email will include the carrier (either USPS or Stallion Express), and you can access tracking on the carrier's website.
If you didn't receive a tracking number 7 days after you ordered and paid for tracking, please check your spam/junk folders. If it's not there still, please contact me or email me (lynna_wang@hotmail.com). 


I didn't get my order! Can I have a refund?

Orders can take up to 3 weeks after mailing, or a bit longer for international destinations. Also, please double check that you put the correct address on your order.
If you got tracking with your order, check the tracking to see if it got dropped off at your local post office. If the tracking stopped or malfunctioned, and it has been over 4 weeks, please contact or email me (lynna_wang@hotmail.com).
If you did not get tracking with your order and it has been over 4 weeks, please contact or email me (lynna_wang@hotmail.com) with your order info.

My order came damaged! Can I have a refund/exchange?

Please understand that possible damages in transit are the fault of the carrier. I wrap and back the items in the package to the best of my ability to prevent damage in transit.
For misprinted items or damages that are suspected to have been my fault, please contact or email me (lynna_wang@hotmail.com) within a week of receiving your order, with photos of the item. 

My order is wrong! Can I have a refund/exchange?

Yes. If I made a mistake, please contact or email me (lynna_wang@hotmail.com) with your order info and photos of the order you received.

I don't want my order anymore. Can I return it and get a refund?

If it hasn't been shipped yet, please contact or email me (lynna_wang@hotmail.com) immediately.
If it was already shipped, just mail it back to the address on the package, and contact or email me about the return. You are responsible for the cost of shipping it back. I will not refund for items that show signs of having already been used.


Every product in stock (except stickers and prints) are final. I do not usually plan to restock items once they're sold out.
I stock with brand new items on the 1st of every month, with leftover stock from my Mame Beach Yacht Club patreon page.


What happened to Mame Miles?


I retired Mame Miles in November 2019 because the extension on my store was too expensive for me to keep running, and cost more than it was worth. I'm very sorry to customers who liked using them.


What's the Mame Beach Yacht Club?

Mame Beach Yacht Club is an extension of my store, kind of like a VIP club where people can join and be the first to receive Mame Beach items.
Members of Mame Beach Yacht Club enjoy benefits like:
  • getting their products mailed a whole month before they're available for non-members
  • free shipping (even free tracking within US and Canada!)
  • products are always at least $2-3 less than their Mame Beach price (and can even be up to $10 less!)
  • and their packages can include free stickers, prints, and other bonus goodies...!

What does 'Mame' mean?

"Mame/まめ" has lots of meanings. Most commonly, it means hardworking, or to be healthy. It can also mean bean, and can be used to describe small things (lit. things as small as a bean). I feel like all these meanings are relevant to Mame Beach and me.